Saturday, August 23, 2014

Witch Mountain-Mobile of Angels

Svart Records

Other then a brief break in the action in 2002 (and the fact that it took 10 years to get from the group's 2001 debut album, "Come To The Mountain", and it's follow-up, 2011's (Metal Mark-reviewed) "South of Salem") Portland's Witch Mountain has maintained it's presence in the doom metal community. Since 2009 the band has been fronted by Uta Plotkin (Aranya, Olympus Mons and Stalking Jane) and on "Mobile of Angels" (the band's fourth full-length album overall) it sounds as if time has done nothing but enhance this Oregon outfit and their post-Sabbath/Pentagram take on the genre! Here on "Mobile of Angels" guitarist/former lead singer Rob Wrong flat-out levels the playing field with his solid 70's hard rock-inspired playing while the rhythm section of Charles Thomas (Blackwitch Pudding) and Nathan Carson (bass and drums respectively) keeps the ship nice and steady with it's put up or shut up presence! As lead singer Uta Plotkin easily enchants with her with her dark persona the rest of Witch Mountain (sounding as rich and rigid as ever while arguably presenting the darkest, must dreary and downright damned release of their long and varied career!) hold all the cards tight in their hands as they deal out track after track of monster-sized dark metal! This 38 minute doom coaster is epic in scope and thanks to the help of producer Billy Anderson Witch Mountain has an album that should stand the test of time and remain more then a little relevant for decades to come!

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