Monday, August 18, 2014

The Rough Boys-Blood, Booze, And Gasoline


Now, let me see if I have this straight. What we have here is a Toronto three-piece band that is named after a Neil Young lyric ("All those rough boys, playin' that rock and roll") and sounds an awful lot like Motörhead stone cold drunk on late seventies/early eighties punk (both English and American thank you very much). Is that it? If so then count me in! Formed in the village of Parkdale and with two other releases to their name so far (2011's "Spithead" and 2012's "Speed"), The Rough Boys is lead by bassist/vocalist Tom Gervais and on their third EP, "Blood, Booze and Gasoline" the band can simply do no wrong! And all of that starts the moment you crank up and rock out to opener "Before The Devil Knows I'm Dead"! Existing in that grey area where punk, bluesy rock and roll, hard rock and heavy metal/thrash all join together for a keg of cheap beer and greasy pizza this "North of the border" act has shared the stage with Cauldron, Fuck the Facts, Axxion, Midnight Malice, Adrenechrome and Saigon Hookers and if this Summer-time release has anything to say about it then plenty of headlining shows should be forthcoming for The rough Boys from this point forward! "Blood, Booze, And Gasoline" is four tracks of street-worthy/dive bar appealing heavy metal punk n' roll with a total run-time of 12:42 and if number's like the title track , "Hogtown" and "May Two Four" don't get you up and on your feet then someone better call the coroner because friend you must be dead!

Just some good old boys!

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