Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Mcooleys-Empty Blue Skies


The Mcooleys are a British born but Mallorca based indie rock/alternative rock trio featuring brothers Adam (vocals, lead guitar) and Matthew (drums) Booley. Along with their best friend Jake McCann (bass) the Booley brothers (who are inspired by the bands of the 60s and 70s as well as the early punk scene) have built up a (loyal) local the island of Mallorca thanks to a heavy dose of live shows. Now The Mcooleys have taken the next logical step in their development with the release of "Empty Blue Skies". With their 60's/70's guitar-driven rock and the interesting post-punk/new-wave voice of Adam Booley working hard at setting the band apart from indie rock/alternative rock crowd this EP has a way of getting to the very heart of the matter. Obviously passionate about their music, with the early single "What Happened Tonight"* having all the tell-tale signs of a band unwilling to conform to traditional (hard) pop standards, The Mcooleys write intelligent, reflective and colorful rock with strummed guitars and perfectly-time percussion! Between the somewhat somber notes of "Blackbox" (Material Issue meets The Smiths?) and the pop-punk punch of the quirky "Blonde Hair" this highly appealing Mallorca-based trio has plenty of room to roam and the proper space needed to fine-tune their innovative take on indie rock. With the right push and a proper label to support them one could easily see The Mcooleys taking that next step. All the tools that are needed are right within arm's reach. The Mcooleys need to build on the success of this EP and continue to highlight their energetic presence up to and including the distinctive vocals of lead singer Adam Booley! Between the voice of Adam and the 3-2-1 Go! pop-attack of their sincere and satisfying music it is quite possible that The Mcooleys ARE the next big thing waiting to happen when it comes to alternative rock radio! Hopefully some label (one with the proper vision to see that all this trio needs is a proper full-length and the right kind of press) will come along and see that...



*Oddly I got a UB40 vibe from this one!

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