Monday, August 11, 2014

The New Jacobin Club-Soldiers of the Mark

Manticore Music Group

Well Toto it seems as if we've lost our way again. It's not just that we're not in Kansas anymore. I've got this strange feeling that we're not even in this dimension anymore! Where oh where should we begin? With The New Jacobin Club it's a sure bet that all bets are off. That's a given, but when it comes time to add another Canadian act to overgrowing collection of odds and ends is there at least a starting point? The band obviously owes a huge debt to all things Glenn Danzig. From The Misfits to Samhain and of course Danzig itself this bohemian collective of musicians, poets, painters and performance artists adds it all up before knocking the whole house of cards over thanks to additional elements with far-ranging kitsch appeal. While  opener "The Mark" could have served time on the "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" TV series's soundtrack "Champagne Ivy" takes the Misfits and gives it a psychedelic once over in Black-era Metallica! But then again so does "Garthim" with the only difference being that where the first relies on front-man The Horde's ghoulish voice a number like "Garthim" instead leans heavily on Sci-Fi samples! With influences that run wild and free (Horrorpops, The Ramones, B-52s, Alice Cooper, Christian Death, ELO, The Cure, The Smiths, B.O.C., Jane's Addiction, etc.) and band-members that willingly go out of their way to go into the great unknown "Soldiers of the Mark" defies strict genre definitions, instead choosing to go at it alone wherever the next beat takes it! Psychedelic death rock hopped up on Jesus Chrysler transforms itself into post-Soundgarden rock where The Cramps dance about with glee and it all makes perfect sense here!
(Clockwise starting from the top right)
The Horde - vocals/guitar , Mistress Nagini - backing vocals/keyboard, The Ruin – bass, The Luminous – cello, Rat King – drums, Poison Candi - Vocals/theremin/percussion
Photo credit: Kathryn Trembach
Using both male and female vocals, The New Jacobin Club (a band that has actually been active since the late nineties!) excel at their craft. The music of  "Soldiers of the Mark" is as catchy as it is devilishly charming. And it's care-free attitude only adds to the appeal! The New Jacobin Club act as if they have no limits and no boundaries. Anything and everything really is fair game! It's funny how a band like this can remind you of The Misfits one minute and then The Rezillos the next! And yet, during all that time and amidst all the rapid musical changes of this Matthew Facca-produced album where crazy is the new normal, they sound exactly like The New Jacobin Club! And that's a damn fine thing! Due to be released on the second of September, "Soldiers of the Mark" makes for a fine addition to one's music collection. And that goes for punks and bangers alike! For more information be sure to head over to the group's Facebook page posted below.

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