Thursday, August 14, 2014

Us Amongst The Rest-Follow The Truth

Two Star Records

Heavy metal and hard rock. Emo, alternative rock and (melodic) post-hardcore. And finally, modern, radio-friendly and (nothing short of the potential to have single after single just lying in the wait on this 12-track LP!) heavy rock. Picture all of that packed into the shape of a young, enthusiastic and passionate four-piece from York. After a quick intro track we jump right into the action with "Fields Of Fray" and for Us Amongst The Rest it's history in the making as "Follow The Truth" is nothing short of a brilliant debut debut! First there was the beast of a single "Bring The Fuel" which brought them nothing short of universal praise. Well-deserved universal praise! A video for that beauty can be viewed here: Next there was the album's 2nd single, "Love is the Bull". A hook-heavy MONSTER of a single, "Love is the Bull" brings together the best essences of melody and metal while featuring the fantastic chorus "Happiness is the China Shop, Love is the Bull"! The video of that song can be viewed here:  . Now Us Amongst The Rest (or UATR for short) have this full-length album to add to their resume and things couldn't be any brighter or more promising  for these York hard rockers! Recorded with Sam and Joe Graves (Axewound, Glamour of the Kill, Asking Alexandria) at InnerSounds Studios, with the track "Falling Skies" even featuring the services of Sam Graves (vocalist/guitarist for With One Last Breath*), "Follow The Truth" features 12 fantastic tracks with not even one filler in site! For a full-length debut album that is something special indeed (especially when you take into account that UATR has only been together for about two years now!). Lead by the captivating voice of bass guitarist Karl Sandor, UATR (who supposedly took their name from the song title of two of the group's members former band) has had it's fair share of line-up changes since their initial formation with the current line-up featuring the additional skills of  Dan Beardmore (guitars/vocals), Paul Fernandez (drums/vocals) and Dan Stockdale (guitars/vocals). Filled with pride and purpose and equipped with strong songwriting ability and enough natural talent to fuel four or five additional hard rock entities, UATR are (dare I say it?) masterful at what they do! For this young band the choice of influences (Atreyu, Thin Lizzy, Alter Bridge, Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica, Black Stone Chery, etc.) is one thing. Taking those vastly different influences (as well as hints of group's like Taking Back Sunday, Seemless, Coheed and Cambria, 30 Seconds to Mars, Underoath and Straylight Run) and building on them to make sure that your own personal adventure is as creative as humanly possible is another thing all together. Thankfully UATR pulls out all the stops while utilizing the big guns (amazing songwriting, fantastic performances and remarkable chemistry being just a few of the strengths of this UK act!) at their disposal. All of which insures that softer moments (the tender hit single in the making "Angels" being a full-out favorite moment!) work just as well as the sonic thunder that is "Blood In Me", the sweeping "Silver And Lead" and "Horizons" (a graceful alternative rocker just made for today's modern rock radio!). Ending perfectly with "Falling Skies" (another hit in the making for this York bunch and yet another favorite moment of mine on "Follow The Truth"!), Us Amongst The Rest has given the alternative rock crowd a reason to rejoice and a surefire fan-favorite for years to come! Don't walk, but RUN when this one drops as it's simply too good for words and another release that should climb into 2014 Best-Of lists long before this year is over and done with!

You can find the band online at here:  and

*A metalcore band from York, With One Last Breath also released their full-length debut album, "The Fearless Ones", this year on Small Town Records.

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