Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Dream Logic-My Black Arts


Their backgrounds include touring and performing with the likes of D’Angelo, Les Nubians, Alicia Keys and Christina Aguilera and their friends include guitarists Eric Krasno (Soulive, Lettuce) and Vernon Reid (Living Color). Meet New York city's The Dream Logic. Made up of  band leader/vocalist Charles Compo and his longtime collaborators Jerry Brooks (bass) and Camille Gainer (drums), with the aforementioned friends/guitarists both helping out on this wild fourteen track LP, The Dream Logic is a fantastic new project just begging to be discovered by the older generation and today's young and hip crowd! The follow-up to 2013's "Dream Logic", "My Black Arts" is a bridge between the past and the present built with love and care by this eclectic jam fusion band. My first sampling of The Dream Logic came courtesy of the first single, "Drunken Monkey". With it's (FUNKY!) southern rock meets Steppenwolf's classic "Magic Carpet Ride" vibe it won me over something fierce! But for these New York born and bred musicians/friends there is so much more to the story when it comes to this fifty minute new album! Under the watchful eyes of multi- instrumentalist, singer and songwriter Charles Compo The Dream Logic comes alive on "My Black Arts". Never mind the funk as we're talking blues, soul, jazz, roots rock and even classic rock all gathered together for an impromptu jam session where there is only one rule-make it real. And by God it is as real as it gets when it comes to this New York-based band! Dripping with passion and integrity "My Black Arts" is a phenomenal release thanks in no small part to the shared chemistry of Compo, Brooks and Gainer. Recorded at The Cutting Room in NYC, "My Black Arts" never sways from it's mission statement and for young and old alike The Dream Logic roll out the red offering carpet. Whether you have a "few" miles to your body like some of us (wink wink) or you are still young enough to let down your hair this one will make you shake and move and feel alive! When the title cut rolls in and calls it a day you actually feel as if you've not only gotten your money's worth, but that you've been treated to one of the best shows that you've ever been to in your life! Sure there are good albums and even great albums. But when was the last time an album made you feel as if you've just witnessed a wonderful evenings worth of high-class entertainment? Until you hear "My Black Arts" for yourself chances are you won't be able to relate to the heartwarming afterglow of a release like this one! Not just for those into jazz-funk or fusion (listen to the excellent "Headlight's Into Darkness" for a sampling of soulful rock and roll) "My Black Arts" caters to all while still maintaining it's own identity. For some readers though an album like this one will require a leap of faith. That's understandable. If you've never branched out before on your own to sample all of the deliciousness that life has to offer it can be unnerving. The thing is in this case I must implore you to try out The Dream Logic. Offering more than you could ever imagine, "My Black Arts" is a soundtrack to a story just waiting to be written! One filled with love and adventure, twists and turns where you might know ahead of time that the ending is going to a happy one but you still delve in out of anticipation and child-like enthusiasm. And it can all be yours by simply clicking on this link:   

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