Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Primalfrost-Prosperous Visions

Maple Metal Records

Active since early 2012, Primalfrost is a one-man band/project from Toronto, Ontario. With Dean Arnold (ex-Will of the Ancients, ex-Lesion) being the sole member and with just one other release to the band's name (2012's EP, "Chapters of Time") "Prosperous Visions" makes the proper full-length debut from this Canadian band. At 55 minutes plus the album, which was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Thomas Ireland at Icehouse Studios in Goderich, Ontario, Canada in late August of 2013, aims at covering as much ground as humanly possibly and by the Gods of all things metal if it just doesn't accomplish that and then some! It's a toss up as to what is more amazing here. Is it the fact that Dean Arnold not only composed all of the music and lyrics on "Prosperous Visions", but handled all of the instruments, vocals, and programming or is it the overall epic feel of everything that makes it so great? "Prosperous Visions" finds Dean trekking through the untamed forests of folk metal while simultaneously embracing blackened power metal, death metal, orchestral music and symphonic metal. In Dean's Arnold's skilled hands everything bounds together nearly seamlessly and as a debut-LP one couldn't ask for more graceful and well-timed material then this!  With Dean's harsh vocals steering the music at hand into dark and uncharted waters and song-structures that beg to tell the story of a longer-established act Primalfrost (as a band) is near the top of it's game and they've only just begun! 

PS. Did I mention that Dean Arnold is only 18? I didn't? Well, he is and as good as he is now just imagine how scary it will be when he really hits his stride! Yeah.....

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