Friday, August 22, 2014

Penthos-Lifeless Haze


Self-recorded and self-released, the four-track EP "Lifeless Haze" is the second overall demo from North Somerset-based Penthos. At just a hair over nineteen minutes (and most likely the very definition of a home recording project from a D.I.Y.-styled band* given A) it's authentic/earthy vibe and B) it's (highly beneficial come the end of the day) stripped to the bare necessities approach as far the production is concerned!) "Lifeless Haze" quickly and effective announces it's presence with opener "Black Death" while saving the strong title cut for last. Said opener comes across as a terrifying Mexican standoff between Slayer, Deicide and Morbid Angel and for Penthos, a UK-based heavy/death/black/doom outfit which was formed in the summer of 2010 by vocalist/bassist/guitarist Rich Alden (ex-My Silent Wake) and drummer Ross Thompson, that's just the beginning as far as what's in store on this underground/eighties-infused demo! With guitarist/bassist Ivan Sikic rounding things out rather nicely (line-up wise on this demo), Penthos, a band which wisely takes it's cue from (more then anything) both the late eighties/early nineties UK and American death metal scene, wages all out war on the bloody "Bodily Shut Down" before ripping off limbs with the semi-technical "From The Womb"! Even when Penthos attempts to "slow" things down on the title cut (a seven minute plus slab of gripping death metal doom!) it's still a frightening sight to behold making the raw "Lifeless Haze" a furious beast of a demo! For fans of primitive death metal one simply could not ask for a tastier little treat then this EP. And for those who are old enough to remember the good old days when tape-trading was a way of life a release like "Lifeless Haze", which admittedly does have a rougher outer edge then most self-releases of the death/doom variety, passes the taste and smell taste. This one has all the feel of a recently (re) discovered cassette demo from death metal's long-lost underground past! Since it doesn't pretend to be anything more then what it is and because "Lifeless Haze" is the true face of death metal I can't help but recommend this EP and thus Penthos to Heavy Metal Time Machine's more extreme readers!

* Co- founder/drummer Ross Thompson created the cover artwork for "Lifeless Haze" and the band logo while Ivan Sikic (rhythm and lead guitar/bass on this 4-song EP) is credited as far as the demo's actual recording is concerned.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rich Alden wrote the music for Bodily Shut Down and From The Womb; along with all lyrics for the demo. Ivan Sikic wrote the music for the tracks Black Death and Lifeless Haze.

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