Friday, September 19, 2014

Hellion-"Karma's A Bitch" Single

New Renaissance

"Karma's A Bitch" is the first single to be released from Hellion's upcoming EP of the same name. And of course the very cool Hellion (not to be confused with the now-defunct Washington, DC of the same name) is a L.A.-based heavy metal/speed metal band which features the eternally young Ann Boleyn and has been going on and off since 1982. The five track EP which this killer cut is taken from is due out on October 7th and so far fan's have been treated to not only this fantastic track, but the Dio-ish "Hell Has No Fury". That particular song (which lat out ROCKS friends!) can be found here and for the lovely Ann and her band (featuring Simon Wright of AC/DC and Dio fame incidentally!) it's simply a tale of getting better with age. Both "Karma's A Bitch" and "Hell Has No Fury" come packaged with the kind of youthful enthusiasm and energy that you would expect out a young band only here we're talking heavy metal anthems that have the benefit of sensational songwriting and craftsmanship! Fans of old should literally pounce of the EP when it is released as should those who just love top-notch female-fronted traditional heavy metal! My plan is to cover the EP in it's entirety once it's officially released, but for the time being I would encourage everyone to download this single and support this long-standing U.S. heavy/speed band. You can find out more about Hellion at their Facebook page posted below or by heading over to their official website: 

Hellion's Facebook Page:

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