Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Apothica-What Do You Stand For?

I have Alternative Press to thank for introducing me to this band. And when I say "thank" I mean that in the most sincere way humanly possible! For you see folks this female-fronted metalcore band is unreal. Calling Houston home, Apothica has already made a name for themselves and has opened for bands like Kittie, The Agonist and Otep. Although the band went through a complete overall (new name, new sound and new image!) it proved to be for the best as Apothica emerged stronger then ever. Or as guitarist Sean Littlejohn put in in AP: "darker, sexier, more sinister and more alluring"! I cannot vouch for who the band was (sound and style-wise) before the change, but I will say that the "brand new" Apothica is without a shadow of a doubt all of the above (dark, sexy, sinister and above all alluring!) and so much more! And all of that my friends starts with Apothica's outstanding set of vocalists. Yes, I said set. Sure, on paper it is simply lead vocalist Lucy LeNoir (a fabulous singer who incidentally joined the group in December of 2012). Not that there is anything simple about this dynamite front-lady! She certainly steals the show on "What Do You Stand For?" thanks in no small part to here smooth and sensual delivery. But, seeing as this is metalcore that we are talking about there just has to be clean and harsh vocals right? Cue bass guitarist Keenen Martin. Going by the line-up information that is provided on the band's Facebook page (see link below) it's Martin voice that provides the beast to LeNoir's beauty. As lead vocalist Lucy LeNoir (single handily) corners the market on all things sexy and desirable* it's the harsh undertones of bassist Keenen Martin that gives a band like Apothica the perfect one-two punch! Now, musically-speaking this Texas five-piece is first and foremost a metalcore band with one of the primary sources of inspiration being Killswitch Engage. You could also toss In This Moment and All That Remains into that discussion and it would be fine. That said, Apothica does bring other beverage choices to the party. The group ends up listing everyone from Lamb of God and Pantera to Alter Bridge as influences and from the moment "Bulletproof" opens "What Do You Stand For?" there is plenty of discoveries to be made about just who Apothica is right now and where they may be heading. With Alex King (lead guitar) and Justin Roberts (drums) rounding out the line-up and with nowhere to go from here but up Apothica is a band worth keeping an eye out for as well as one that is more then deserving of the buzz that they are generating! You can hear this EP for yourself by heading here: http://www.reverbnation.com/Apothica
*With all apologies there is simply no other way to describe Lucy LeNoir's presence on the mic. This beautiful and strong front-woman has one of the most alluring voices in all of alternative music! 

9/17/14 Update!

After going straight to the source yesterday afternoon it turns out that Lucy LeNoir performed all of the vocals on the EP! I want to apologize for the oversight on my part. Of course this new information only adds to my respect for her as a singer and makes me appreciate Apothica all the more! 

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