Thursday, September 11, 2014

Almøst Human-Ø


Disregard the original release date of this EP as Almøst Human's "Ø" has been making the rounds once more thanks to Fullblast! PR. Actually, it has been making the rounds since early summer (or possibly even sooner), but in all honestly it was only yesterday that I stumbled upon it and a bevy of other promos from New York's Fullblast! PR. That is what happens when you make multiple folders for review material and then forget to actually open them once in a while! But, I digress. We're not here to talk about my poor organization skills. No, we are here to talk about Swiss metal band Almøst Human and their 5-track debut EP, "Ø". Initially formed in the 90's by guitarist/songwriter Olivier Perdrizat and drummer Rosario Fullone, Almøst Human (a modern metal/nu metal band with keyboard/electronic flourishes) did not get off the ground completely until 2010. By that point in time Almøst Human had become a fully-recognized, alive and alert life force thanks to the fortunate addition of vocalist Ben Pluss, second guitarist Chris Matthey and bassist Jan Peyer. Naturally the self-produced and self-released "Ø" EP serves notice that Almøst Human is here. And damn if they don't mean business then I don't know who does! Armed and at the ready, Almøst Human opens the show with gritty and raw, metallic brainbuster "Living Wreck". At over seven minutes in length this industrialized Ministry meets American Head Charge fist-banger is a full-on feast for the senses! The all-too brief, sample-heavy "Mørning Star" leads straight into "Øbey, Cønsume Ør Disappear" and it's at this very moment that one becomes fully aware of all the various influences that are vying for attention on "Ø" . Emotionally-driven, "Øbey, Cønsume Ør Disappear" is a humbling combination of mid-90's alternative rock, late-90's nu metal, "Black"-era Metallica and Pantera. There's more Pantera to be found on "Nørmøsis" and it's the band's primal instincts to mix in the electronic anarchy of bands like N.I.N., Filter and Ministry that will ultimately make or break them. As "Each Øf Us" (a modern metal take on System Of A Down minus the hardcore raps!) wraps things up one can't help but appreciate what this Swiss act is trying to accomplish even if they do face a uphill battle due to the inclusion of nu metal hallmarks. Still, with harsh and clean vocals mixing things up and the interesting use of electronic elements a band like Almøst Human has more going for them then against them. Øbey, Cønsume Ør Disappear" and "Nørmøsis" hint at better things to come and "Living Wreck" has more than enough fire-power to appease thrash metal fans and those who crave full-on carnage! Should Almøst Human choose to lean more on the thrash metal aspects of their sound I could really see this band making hard hitting metal that would turn heads. The promise is there and so is the talent so Almøst Human is one band to keep an eye out for!

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