Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Elegantly Wasted-The Dog Years

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"Keep it loud and stay true". That's the motto of  Los Angeles-based hard rock and roller's Elegantly Wasted and let me just say that wiser words have never been spoken! On "The Dog Years" (the group's 3rd album) singer/guitarists Lenny J and Queen D (founders/top tier musicians) continue their campaign to conquer the world with not just the same kind of killer music that was found on their debut album, 2003's "Greetings from a Strange Place", and its 2007 follow-up, "Desolation Row", but even better material that is rock radio-friendly and (if they still played music videos mind you) custom built for MTV and VH1! And by the gods of rock and roll they might just pull it off! Conquering the world that is or at least all of rock radio! When you're talking about radio-ready rock and roll that is equal parts of old-school hard rock/hair metal (Aerosmith, Guns and Roses, AC/DC, Shotgun Messiah, Hanoi Rocks, D'Molls, Enuff Z'Nuff and Shotgun Messiah), classic rock (Alice Cooper, Slade, New York Dolls, The Cult, Sweet and Kiss) and "modern" rock (Foo fighters, Stone Temple Pilots, Velvet Underground, etc.) it's damn hard not to get excited about the possibilities that could lie ahead for the band if only the mainstream press and the corporate suits that run radio stations these days would just catch up to the band and really LISTEN! There's a damn good reason why Elegantly Wasted still plays all the best clubs in L.A. and has toured toured Europe 5 times and the US twice. Both on and off the stage this band simply ROCKS and on "The Dog Years" Elegantly Wasted has found it's footing thanks to sweet hooks, catchy rhythms, gripping lyrics and highly-addictive song structures! It's track after track of hit singles in the waiting on album number three with not one bad cut to be found among the lot! Released late last year, "The Dog Years" is only now making the rounds online. Had I covered it last year I would have marked it down as one of the best hard rock albums of 2013, but (seeing as it came out in December and all of 2013) I might still cheat a little and add it to this year's Top-Ten as it is just too good to be kept under wraps! Elegantly Wasted might not save traditional rock/hard rock all by itself, but  with an album like this one they are not about to give in and give up! "The Dog Years" is proof-positive that these L.A. hard rock warriors are in it to win it! All that's left now is for the fans and newcomers alike to step up and show Elegantly Wasted that their efforts are not in vain....

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I remember really liking Desolation Row.

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