Sunday, August 31, 2014

Danger Zone-Fire Fire (Single)


It's been two years since we last heard from Italy's Danger Zone. The thing is, based solely on the high quality melodic rock/hard rock that fans (incl. yours truly!) have come to know and love so much from this Bologna-based group, that seems like more of an eternity! Formed in 1980 (with highly skilled guitarist Roberto Priori serving time as the sole original member!) and known as much for the cult 1984 release, "Victim Of Time" (one EP that I have long dreamed of seeing it get a proper* CD release!) as they are for their excellent 2012 comeback album, "Undying" (with a handful of demo recordings and the very cool "Line Of Fire" nicely sandwiched in-between the two proper studio releases) Danger Zone has long been the type of band that is lovingly embraced by those in the know while (sadly) mainstream success seems to be just beyond the group's reach. One can only hope that the future holds better things for Roberto Priori and his brother's in arms as Danger Zone, which is lead by Giacomo Gigantelli (Spitfire) and (as of this fantastic cover song) has "officially" welcomed new bassist Matteo Minghetti into the fold (with long-time drummer Paolo Palmieri (as wonderful as ever) rounding things out) is simply far too talented and way too good to be ignored forever! Maybe the group's next release (reportedly in the works and rumored to be issued later this year or early 2015) will finally open some eyes & ears to this band's full-potential? In the meantime Danger Zone has released this digital single as a means to tide over fans and possibly hint at what is in store for the new album. Originally performed by Japanese band EZO and often-times covered by Danger Zone on the live stage, "Fire Fire" is a damn near perfect choice of covers for these Italian hard rockers seeing as it's chock full of contagious riffs and it hits the listener from all these different directions at once! Available on iTunes as well as Amazon, "Fire Fire" initially slipped past me someone how this summer but I've more then made up for that oversight by BLASTING (!) this hot slab of hard rock fury over and over again since just discovering it this past Friday! You can check out them video for this hell-raising rock number right below and if you are not entirely  familiar with this highly-underrated Italian group then be sure to check out any of links that I've posted below!


*There is a bootleg split CD by Revenge of True Metal Records floating around, but more then anything I would love to see this incredible EP re-mastered and re-packaged with some bonus demo material and possibly even "I Can't Live Without You" from the 1987 compilation album Metalmaniac!


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