Thursday, August 28, 2014

Johnny Touch-Inner City Wolves

Shadow Kingdom Records

Awesome album art and an awesome sound? Now that's nice. Real nice. For Australian-act Johnny Touch and their full-length debut "Inner City Wolves" it all sounds so natural, but that's far from a bad thing right? Formed in 2008 (and taking it's cue from traditional heavy metal, N.W.O.B.H.M. and even the likes of Metallica and Metal Church) the band previously released a demo tape and two 7" splits. With "Inner City Wolves" though we're talking the real deal. A full-fledged, front-to-back cover, one of a kind heavy metal thunder release which is screaming(!) to be heard by metalheads in their native country and worldwide! With someone as good as Pahl Hodgson  (Beyond Mortal Dreams, Born for Burning, Oath of Damnation, ex-Blood Mason, ex-Darklord, ex-Hatred Slave, ex-Oni, ex-Obsidian Aspect, ex-One Step Beyond, ex-Sumeria, ex-Deluge) on the mic and lead solos that range form straight-up heavy metal slammers that actually recall someone as great as the late Randy Rhodes to almost neoclassical pieces it is hard not to appreciate the excellence that transpires once you slide this one into your CD player. "Inner City Wolves" is not just one of the best debut albums of 2014 it's overall one of the best heavy metal albums of the year! Don't just take my word for it though. You can hear the complex/yet easily-accessible "Inner City Wolves" for yourself right here:

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Blogger Metal Mark said...

I kind of liked this one, but kept wishing it was just a little heavier. It felt like they were holding back at times.

11:42 AM  

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