Thursday, August 28, 2014

My Own Ghost-Love Kills

Secret Entertainment

My Own Ghost is a female-fronted band from Luxembourg, Germany which was founded in 2013 by guitarists Fred Brever & David Soppelsa and bassist Joe May. The 13-track "Love Kills", which will be released on October 10th, is the band's full-length debut and with vocalist Julie Rodesch (Providers, Seven Days On Fire) and drummer Michael Stein (Red Circuit) rounding things out it has the potential to turn My Own Ghost into a buzz-worthy/must-hear act! Due to the five musicians' different backgrounds, reportedly ranging from pop to metal, and the fact that each and every member of My Own Ghost contributes to the songwriting (a rare feat in this day and age!) you end up with an album that is chock-full of variety while marvelously consistent. Again, this is not something you see everyday but when it comes to the melodic yet powerful My Own Ghost and their alternative/modern rock (by way of electronic, classic, pop and heavy rock) sound it's not only attention-getting it's downright special! The strong songwriting here on "Love Kills" is nearly overshadowed by the amazing performances from all five members with extra points be awarded to vocalist Julie Rodesch and the guitar playing of Brever and Soppelsa. If My Own Ghost gets a chance to move beyond their home country and then all of Europe one could almost envision this band and their radio-friendly rock making a real run towards worldwide recognition and admiration!

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