Monday, September 08, 2014

Free Metal Monday: "Metal Sem Fronteiras" Compilation

ONLINE METAL PROMO and FURIA METAL BRASIL radio (Brazil) have teamed up to offer this free download compilation featuring the likes of Hessler, Witchcross, Death Dealer, Hellion, Lady Beast and Maxxxwell Carlisle. All told there are 48 bands present here offering a nice mix of "current, deep, advanced and unreleased original songs from up and coming as well as established hard rock and heavy metal artists from the United States. Brazil, Germany, Australia and Mexico." I've included the back cover below so feel free to check it out before you decide whether you want it or not, but I can't imagine anyone turning down a versatile mix like this one! "Metal Sem Fronteiras", which can be downloaded from the link below, features more than a few bands that have previously been covered here at HMTM (Diamond Lane, Hessler, Lady Beast, Skinner, Death Dealer, etc.) so I can vouch for the rock-solid collection on hand. This one is definitely worth a look as you never know if a new favorite band is waiting to be discovered!

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