Friday, September 05, 2014

Mausoleum Gate-Mausoleum Gate

Cruz del Sur Music

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014. Be sure to mark that date down on your calenders. In fact highlight that date and then circle it! For you see friends that is when the self-titled debut from Finland’s own Mausoleum Gate will be released and yes, you are going to want to procure a copy of it for your own collection! Trust me on that. Heavily-inspired by 70's progressive rock and hard rock as well as early 80's metal and the N.W.O.B.H.M. scene as a whole, Mausoleum Gates are destined to be the next hot ticket item when it comes to vintage-sounding heavy metal and you will want to be the lucky few who are able to lay claim to having known about this five-piece act before they blew up and became HUGE! Despite outward appearances though Mausoleum Gate didn't exactly come from out of nowhere (even if their mystical and downright spooky personal suggest otherwise!). Formed in 2008 by Count L.F. (Acoustic and Electric Guitars) and Wicked Ischanius (Bass, Hammond C3 Organ, Mellotron M400 and MiniMoog) the band first hit the scene (studio-wise) some two years with the release of  "Gateways for the Wicked". Touring behind the demo EP, Mausoleum Gate beefed up it's portfolio thanks to a live appearance at Germany's Metal Warning Festival. There the group played alongside such legendary bands as Sarcofagus and Cloven Hoof making 2010 one for the books!  In 2013 Mausoleum Gate added the 7" single "Obsessed by Metal"* to their ever-expanding catalog before re-releasing "Gateways for the Wicked" on cassette. In the midst of all of that metal madness Mausoleum Gate had it's fair-share of line-up change to boots, but as of right now all signs point straight-ahead for this mysterious Finnish heavy metal band. Now signed to Cruz Del Sur Music, with V.-P Varpula (Lead Vocals), Kasperi Puranen (Electric Guitars) and Oscar Razanez (Drums, Percussion and Gongs) rounding out the current line-up in a generally sensational fashion (extra kudos to vocalist Varpula whose stylistic voice cements everything quite nicely!), very effective way(!), the group has released one of the most compelling debut albums of recent memory. Up front it must be noted how mystical and eerie it all feels, but really that is all for the better! Bass-heavy and fuzzed over in a glorious, somewhat 70's kind of way, "Mausoleum Gate" is propelled forward not only by the raw and honest voice of V.-P Varpula, but by the use of clever guitar lines and versatile keys (Mellotron and Organ).  Mausoleum Gate is as much about the sound of Uriah Heep, B.O.C., Rainbow, Deep Purple, (mid-seventies) Scorpions and Hawkwind as it is Black Sabbath, King Diamond/Merciful Fate and OZ. Add in some (early) Iron Maiden, Angel Witch, Daimondhead and (to a lesser extent) Witchfinder General, Demon and Satan and the frightening sound that echos through your eardrums is all at once hauntingly familiar and brazenly discomforting! With the added benefit that comes from Timo Raita's creepy artwork this Finnish band has a stud of a debut in their hands when it comes to "Mausoleum Gate". I couldn't love this album (and sure enough this one has all the hallmarks of an actual ALBUM and is not just a bunch of misc. tracks all crammed together!) anymore if I tried and quite frankly I am just as excited for the heavy metal community at large to hear this album as I am the prospect of Mausoleum Gate releasing dozens more similarly great albums in the years to come!


*Earlier this year the band released a compilation CD, "Gateways For The Wicked and Obsessed By Metal Sessions", which includes all of the previous releases from Mausoleum Gate on one handy CD!

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