Friday, September 12, 2014


Unspeakable Axe

Italian punk rockin' speed metal? Dig in the Dancing Queen mothf**kers!  September 30th-Mark it down in blood as that's the due date for Overcharge's full-length debut.  The promo material shoots it straight when it proclaims how these Italians sound like a "drunken fistfight between Motörhead and "Kill 'em All"-era Metallica, if everyone was gargling broken glass and Discharge was playing on the jukebox"! Formed in 2012 (and with a self-titled, 2013 EP having paved the way for this metallic nutcracker of an album!), Overcharge features bass player/lead vocalist Fabiettto (ex-Mitra, ex-Rogo), guitarist Josh (Skarsfukkers, Omnivore, ex-Nightmare of Fallen) and drummer Panzer (Skarsfukkers) and dammit Janet if these guys don't just rattle the rock and roll cage for you then I don't exactly know what will! Available for pre-order at the link below, "Accelerate" is just the thing to settle your nerves in these turbulent times! So, what are you waiting for? Just buy this one already!


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