Friday, September 12, 2014

Holy Grove-Live at Jooniors


Don't know the name? No worries my friends. Soon enough Portland, Oregon's Holy Grove will be on everyone's lips! And yes, it will be well-deserved chatter and then some! Formed via Craigslist in January of 2012, Holy Grove is a female-fronted doom metal act with the (Name Your Price) "Live at Jooniors" offering two samples of the group's live prowess. Recorded this past summer, "Live at Jooniors" features the tracks "Holy Grove" and "Nix" and with both numbers running past the six-minute mark there is more then enough material on hand to allow listeners to fall heavily in love with this four-piece act! Lead effortlessly by vocalist Andrea Vidal (with guitarist Trent Jacobs, bassist Gregg Emley and drummer Craig Bradford rounding out the fold), Holy Grove has become one of Portland fastest up-and-coming metal bands and after listening to this live EP it's no wonder why! By fusing vintage doom metal with classic rock riffs, 70's hard rock and the rhythmic aspects of blues-rock this four-piece brings down the house! With their honest and sincere approach to music and the way in which it all sounds so natural and free-form Oregon's Holy Grove easily captivates the audience and holds it's attention tight. Skilled beyond belief, guitarist Trent Jacobs and bassist Gregg Emley lay down thick cover (read: hearty riffs and fantastic fuzz!) over which Andrea can work her magic. Meanwhile drummer Craig Bradford keeps everything wrapped together nice and warm making Holy Grove's sound all the more alluring! With a full-length album supposedly due sometime before the end of 2014 Oregon's Holy Grove should be a household name soon enough!

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