Monday, September 15, 2014

Children Of Technology- Future Decay

Hells Headbangers

It's been sometime since we last heard new music from Padua, Veneto-based Children Of Technology. Or at least a full-length album. Sure, the band did give fans the "Mayhemic Speed Anarchy" EP, but even that was two years ago! Enter "Future Decay". Lyrically-speaking it's time to revisit the band's post-nuclear war/Mad Max world while musically it's fairly run of the mill thrash/punk. On the plus side Paolo "DeathLörd Astwülf" Astolfi really rocks here. All at once he reminds me of Destruction's Schmier and C.O.C.'s Mike Dean and that's nowhere a bad thing! If only the music was a tad more, well, inspiring. Nothing really jumps out here. As much as I was looking forward to some slick crossover material this one just feels substandard. It's almost as if "Future Decay" was one of those studio obligations records. You can't blame it on lack of experience either. It's true that this is only the band's second full-length album since forming in 2007. But, here's the thing. There has been a TON of material (splits, singles and a demo) issued by the band over the past seven years! That makes an album like this one even more of a WTF kind of moment. For fans this one might past, but for everyone else? Pass.

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