Saturday, May 16, 2015

Lunar Electric-Lunar Electric

Electric Maiden Recordings

Originally known as Resin Gypsy, with guitarist/vocalist Dre DiMura and drummer Kaleen Reading serving as the connecting factor between both projects, Lunar Electric is a L.A.-based rock and roll power trio whose sound could best be described as equal parts classic rock and alternative rock. On the group's debut release, "Lunar Electric", we find DiMura and Reading paired up with bassist Geena Spigarelli and this self-titled EP features three songs from Resin Gypsy's old catalog along with the brand new number and lead single, "Crossfire Child". A video for "Crossfire Child" can be found below and of the four tracks featured on the group's first release it is arguably the strongest cut of the lot! This 17-minute EP opens with a radio-edit of "Bread & Circuses" and while it's a fine enough number in it's own right things get better on "Moonlight". Featuring a interesting mix of Cream and (early) Soundgarden, "Moonlight" is as sassy as it is swaggered with the number slowing building in intensity and intrigue. From there we have "Sleepwalker" and as the last number left-over from the band's Resin Gypsy days it is every bit as bluesy and gritty as "Moonlight" is. The EP "Lunar Electric" actually ends where we began this short review. Naturally I'm talking about the feisty "Crossfire Child" which is arguably this EP's heaviest and most well-rounded number. If there's a default defect to be found on "Lunar Electric" it's this EP's most glaring red flag. And that would be the lack of distinction between tracks one through three. Given time to properly evolve a power trio like Lunar Electric should  shake loose it's ties to the past and move on to the greener pastures of full-fledged originality and creativity. As it stands now this L.A. band shows promise. Maybe with a bit more time under their wings and a clearer objective we'll find that Lunar Electric are the real deal. Dre DiMura and company have the potential and the skill-set is there so I can see this happening eventually. The key word being eventually. For now "Lunar Electric" should be enjoyed for what it is. It's heavy rock and roll with a alternative mindset for those who are into that kind of thing. And now as promised here is the official video for "Crossfire Child". Enjoy!

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