Thursday, May 11, 2017

Legacy-Wings of Eternity


"Wings of Eternity" is the debut EP from up-and-coming Italian metal band Legacy. Formed in late December of 2014 (and not to be confused with all of the other Legacy's out there these days!), Bergamo, Lombardy's loud and proud export is filled to overflowing with youthful enthusiasm and enough energy to power up half a dozen bands! Let's all give high praise to the heavy metal gods above that this group's talent level matches all of that eagerness! Inspired by the classic metal artists that came before them, Legacy sports a stylish sound that owes as much to Iron Maiden, Riot, Accept and Judas Priest as it does Helloween, (early) Running Wild, Megadeth, Metallica, and Death Angel. Irregardless of how that reads on paper, "Wings of Eternity" is it's own beast and a supremely creative one at that! With charismatic lead vocalist Niccolò Nava a complete natural on the mic, "Wings of Eternity" shows of the mad musical chops of guitarist/vocalist Paolo Spreafico, guitarist/vocalist Dario Riboli, bassist Fabio Vanotti, and drummer Gianluca De Rosa. There is always something special about young metalheads paying homage to to their idols while simultaneously carving their own niche in the metal scene and this five-piece Italian band is no different. If anything at all, "Wings of Eternity" shows off a young band that already understands how to craft quality music that makes a clear statement as to who they are and what they bring to the heavy metal community at large. On their debut EP Legacy draws the listener in close as they present straight-ahead heavy metal with a thrash metal finish. The material grabs hold of your attention and ultimately you will find yourself cheering on this new band. In that regard Legacy already has a step up on the competition. With "Wings of Eternity" hitting all the right notes, Legacy is one young band that is worth keeping an eye on. You can easily do that by following the band on Facebook. To hear this excellent EP for yourself (and trust me here friends you are going to want to do just that!) be sure to head over to the group's YouTube page. These young metal maniacs have a lot of heart and soul and it's obvious that they love the scene that they are part of. We need more talented heavy/thrash metal groups like this one so let us all hope that this is just the beginning of a successful career for this Italian band.

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