Thursday, May 11, 2017

Running Death-DressAge

Punishment 18 Records

Formed in 2004 under the name Disaster Area, Germany's Running Death won me over with their 2012 EP, "Call of Extinction". Here it some five years later and we are now looking at the band's second full-length recording in as many years! Due to drop later on this month, Running Death's sophomore album is entitled "DressAge" and it is an absolute must-buy for anything that lives and dies for top of the shelf thrash! The ten-track recording starts off with "Courageous Minds" (official video posted right below this piece) and finds vocalist/guitarist Simon Bihlmayer (Eisenhauer) leading a line-up that includes Daniel Baar (guitars), Andrej Ramich (bass), and Jakob Weikmann (drums). As the front-man of this intelligent and classy thrash metal band from Bavaria, Simon's voice commands attention and he projects the image of a well-traveled heavy metal veteran. Along with the absolutely outstanding drumming of Jakob Weikmann (see the killer "Delusive Silence"!), Simon Bihlmayer is a great example of musicians going the extra mile to make their music as professional as possibly without losing any of it's impact! Serving as the follow-up to 2015's "Overdrive", "DressAge" sets a new standard for straight-up classic metal and leaves me in awe of this German band's progression! After listening to this classy album I found myself at a loss for words as to just how far this talented band has come since that (previously-covered) 2012 EP. So far this year I have had the pressure of reviewing some fantastic thrash metal albums. With a hot sound that takes it cues from classic Megadeth and all of the greats of the German thrash metal scene, "DressAge" now joins that ever-expanding list and makes me proud of Running Death's evolution! This is (throw some horns in the air) thrash metal with the kind of slick arrangements that put radio rock stars to shame. You're going to want to track down a copy of this a.s.a.p.!!

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