Thursday, May 08, 2008

Century-Black Ocean


If more metalcore bands subscribed to the approach of central Pennsylvania’s Century then I would be more of a fan of that style. Century also bring perhaps more death metal rumblings than other acts in this style. The vocals switch between growls and screams although both seem to generally work for the moments that they are in use. The guitars are thick as molasses when needed as squealing like crazy when needed as well. The rhythm section was particularly strong plus they mixed up sounds just enough to keep me guessing. Century’s brand of music had me thinking of hills rather mountains in terms of their attack. By hills I mean that rather attack with one giant wave of sound they brought numerous smaller assaults of jarring heaviness oftentimes alternating sounds enough to keep everything fresh. The only thing that didn’t click with me on this disc was the direction or lack there of. Although the musical presence is strong, the path they were taking with a number of these tracks wasn’t very clear. It seemed almost like they were attempting so hard to bring about relentless blows from every direction that they forgot about a strategy or a purpose. Now what they have created is almost enough to carry the album, but I was just left wondering about the lack of purpose on too many songs. Still this is a heavy album with enough angles to keep you hanging in there for a while.

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I dug this album too

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