Sunday, May 11, 2008

Gigantour 2 (CD)


Dave Mustaine's brainchild gets a live sampler of sorts for the second tour. This line-up included The Smashup, Sanctity, Into Eternity, Overkill, Arch Enemy, Opeth, Lamb of god and of course Megadeth. Certainly these bands manage to represent a fairly broad spectrum of styles in the field of metal. That doesn't mean I like all the styles because the Smashup and Into Eternity are not to my liking at all, but there is enough decent songs going on from other bands to make up for it. My favorite bands on here are Megadeth, Overkill and Lamb of God and he sound quality is strong. However I always feel like I don't quite get enough on these sort of albums because you only get a few songs by each band. I would much rather have a whole set by one band than a sprinkling by all, but that may just be me. I think this sounded like it was enough of a quality line-up as I think they did a good job mixing veteran bands with younger acts. As far as this style of CD goes it's decent enough as most of the songs are likable yet it's likely just going to wet your appetite for a whole album by the band or bands that you enjoy.

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