Thursday, May 08, 2008

Glamnation volume 3

272 Records/Demon Doll Records

Now I missed volumes one and two of this collection yet I happened to be aware of this one's release so I was able to check it out. My fear regarding a compilation of today's young bands was that they might all be second rate Motley Crue or Poison or something. Those fears were soon alleviated for the most part once I listened to the music. This compilation features 19 bands from countries including Sweden, France, the United States and others. Not only their places of origin varied, but their sounds are varied as well. Of course the overall sound with all of the acts is glam, but there are glam bands plus glam mixed to various degrees with powerpop, punk rock and metal. Not every track on Glamnation volume3 is a killer, but this is everything a compilation should be as the people at 272 Records and Demon Doll records have done an outstanding job in collecting a nice variety of current bands that all fall under the heading of glam. Most of the song are decent to very good and I can't cover all of them because there are so many, but I'll give you my top five in no real order. Debbie Ray attack their song "Addicted" like a raging bull yet they easily bring in melodies and strong vocals. Revolution Riot's "Go!" is another hard hitter with more metal in the mix than most of the bands here. Black Rain's "Innocent Rosie" might be more like late 80's/early 90's yet the smoothness and unique vocals help set them apart. "Gasoline" by Bastardz reminds me a little of Crashdiet, but with more an edge. Those are not in order, but I do have to add that my favorite track on this CD was definitely "No time to cry' by Trashcan Darlings because they think had everything going on. They had the hooks, the vocals, the drive just everything about this song was absolutely stellar. So a very solid compilation that's already exposed me to numerous bands that I will be checking out.

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