Saturday, May 10, 2008

What's coming up?

It's been raining a lot this week which is great if you're a plant, but it's a little difficult when you have small kids who want to go out. I still got them out to splash in puddles a little though. On the music front I am still trying to make a dent in the items that I need to review. I have a lot listed here this week and hopefully I can get to all of it. I have actually listened to most of it already so that's a plus.
So here is what I hope to get to...

CD Reviews...
A thousand knives of fire-Last train to scornsville
Gigantour 2
Download-We only bleed for family
MSG-In the midst of beauty
Battleroar-To death and beyond
Vamps -n- Gypsies-Wine stains and smashed glass

DVD reviews...
TSOL-The early years live
Gigantour 2

Interviews with...
Conqueror Worm

plus possibly a Clash of the album covers.

Reviewing a lot of new items has helped me to hear far more albums from different genres of metal and hard rock that I would not have sought out otherwise. That doesn't mean I like all genres such as you likely won't hear me saying "wow, I love symphonic metal because it's so cool", but at least I am developing a better understanding of other genres. If you have read my blog much then you probably have an idea of what genres I generally like and don't like. I rarely turn down reviewing something just because it's from a style that's not favorite because I try to remain optimistic and think that there are good and bad bands in every style. I'll step down off my soapbox now.

***Have a fantastic week!

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