Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2009 albums that I missed out on

Now I am fortunate to hear lots of albums each year, but every year that either I don't hear until the next year or they come out in the final weeks of the year after I already have my top albums list prepared. So here are the top five that fall into that category.

Post Mortem-Letters from the dead
I reveiwed this one at the tail end last year, but it arrived days after I posted my top albums of 2009. Fantastic effort and if I had heard it two weeks earliers it would have made it into my top ten of 2009.

Mean Streak-Metal Slave
I read several reviews on this one in the fall of 2009 and should have leapt at it right away, but did not here it until early 2010. Outstanding classic metal.

Fantastic doom that I didn't hear until early 2010.

Lord of the grave-Raunacht
More great doom.

Behold the monolith

Yes, even more doom.

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