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As one who believes in giving credit where credit is due I must thank Garth Conan for turning me onto this album. I've already mentioned how much I appreciated my friend turning me on to the likes of J.J. Merciless' Wicked Witch so now I think he deserves a nod of the cap for this lost gem. D'Vine Ryte was formed in 1992 in East Northport NY. Guitarist Rob Henderson and vocalist Lorraine Lisa had already been working together on material for two years prior when they decided the time was right to take things to the next level. In September of 1992 they were introduced to singer/song writer John McCarthy. Already a seasoned guitarist John had been playing the circuit for several years and was brought in as a second guitarist/backing vocalist. Bassist Chris Warren (who was playing in a Led Zeppelin cover band called The Few and Hammer of the Gods) and drummer Tim Foley (a well-known drummer from the Northport, LI area) would round out the band. After 6 months though both Chris Warren and Tim Foley would leave the band due to family commitments. Replacing them would be seasoned drummer Bill Hoey (owner of Maxx Volume Audio in Brentwood New York where the band was rehearsing at the time) and bassist Brian McGovern (who was actually Bill Hoey's bassist at the time). Having toured with Warrant, Missing Persons, Hughie Lewis and Nino Bettencourt the band would record three demos which would be combined to make the When album. Self described as "Metalic Rock" D'vine Ryte's When offers something for everyone style wise. Hard rock along the lines of Warrant ("Cheating Games","Set The Stranger Free") is on display as is straight up rock ("Strange Situation"). "When(Acoustic Ryte)" allows D'vine Ryte's lovely lead singer Lorraine Lisa to fully showcase her amazing pipes. Influenced by the likes of Grace Slick, Janis Joplin and Stevie Nicks she shines bright on this slower number. "Foolish Mind" has a classic rock flare while "Where Do I Stand" follows along a power rock/new wave path almost like Blondie or the Go Gos suddenly found heavy metal alluring. "Middle Child" has some southern charm while "Emotional Overload" is Grace Slick fronting a pop rock loving Black Sabbath. As I said something for everyone can be found on When. With the band now back together and working on a new album why not do yourself a favor and indulge in some good hard rock. Be sure to check out this overlooked classic. Fans of hard rock will not be disappointed. If your in the mood for some great female-fronted music to add to your collection you could do much worse. I'd argue to say this is better than a lot of the hard rock that was being forced on us in the mid-nineties. Where were D'Vine Ryte when there was a serious lack of good hard rock music? Now sadly Brian McGovern passed away however Rob Henderson, Lorraine Lisa and John McCarthy are back together and determined to carry on. You can find out more as well as download a copy of the album at the link below.


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