Thursday, October 13, 2011

Vomitron-No NES for the wicked

Metavania music

Vomitron is a solo project for Peter Rutchen. Rutchen plays keyboards for Armory and Frozen and guitar for Graveheart. The idea for this album was to do heavy metal versions of original NES video game music. An interesting idea that I suppose came from having a love of old video game and metal with the realization coming that combining the two might be a promising idea. Indeed it is as Vomitron offers up 14 selections of NES selections getting heavy yet lovingly done versions. Viedo game music is frequently active and often as many of these selections and Rutchen realizes that and translates them according with varies instruments without losing any of the excitement of the original version. If you spent hours wearing callouses onto your thumbs as you pushes and poked away at that rectangular control then some of these songs may be ingrained in your head. In fact hearing these songs may bring back memories of those hours trying to conquer these games. The spookiness and straightforward approach of Castlevania is captured here. Double Dragon has quick pace changes and a heavy metal that are really brought to the surface in this version. Contra really makes a fantastic transition to the heavy versions here. The tempo and tone changes really make this one of the best tracks on the album. In fact every song here is solid. My only complaint is that they may find a limited audience for this project. Given that the peak for the NES was more than twenty year ago most of the people who remember these games are over thirty or more. Still those appreciated those games will likely be thankful for this album.

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Blogger Andy said...

Reminds me of Lich King's Super Retro Thrash NES album Mark. Oh, and by the way one of my favorite arcade games of all time is Double Dragon. Man, spent so many quaters on that bad boy. I ruled at that one!

11:13 AM  

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