Friday, March 23, 2012

Mystica Girls-Metalrose


Mystica Girls is an all-female group that was formed in Mexico City in 2005 by bassist Jane. Originally started as a cover-band they were known initially as Mystica. Given the material they covered (Iron Maiden, Machine Head, Metallica, etc) you would think this would be an easy enough band to pigeon hole. Not so fast though. After various line-up changes the group started to write their own music and forge their own sound which you would expect to be metal or thrash right? Now while that sound is metal/thrash there is more to the story. First off the group uses a metal violin. Different to say the least. Second there is quite a bit of what could be called alternative influences (besides the obvious metal violin that is). Small pieces of goth and punk find there way into Mystica Girl's material and despite how that might sound it really works. The music keeps you on your toes and is refreshingly different. Now despite being listed as an LP on some sites this is more like an EP. There is only 6 songs and at under 3o minutes it is a quick listen. With just a demo and a 2009 EP under their belt this Mexico City act has plenty of time to grow. Worth tracking down for sure.


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