Friday, November 02, 2012

Galvano-Two Titans

Devouter Records

With "Two Titans" set for release on November 5th (Man, did this year fly by or what?) we have just enough time to take a look at what the two-piece band known as Galvano are all about. Just what is this band (who hail from Gothenburg, Sweden) and what exactly do they have to offer? Well, as it is closing in on Thanksgiving, let us offer up some thanks to the god of all things sludge for albums like this. That's right, this is sludge metal for those who love it loud and sinister. So, we should offer our thanks to the heavens (or do we point downward for this band?) for dangerous metal like this. It's just the right thing to do. It is especially true when the sludge you have been graciously given is beautifully raw, primitive sludge that is, despite it's unearthly tones, also a rather fine collection of progressive minded and certainly modern music. After all, sludge can be just sludge, but when you do it right it's all the more easy on the eardrums. As mentioned Galvano, who were formed in 2005, is a two-piece band made up of  Mattias Nööjd (Guitars/Vocals) and Fredrik Käll (Drums). And for just two gentlemen they do quite the damage. These two lay down a path of sludge metal heaviness that leaves burn marks in it's wake! Now, other then a demo, a 2010 split 10” with German band Kasan and the single "The Librarian", this is it so far. This 8-track release is all we have to go by for the duo when it comes to judging progress. Not to worry though as it is more then enough to tip the scales in their direction. On their debut album the band (Who are said to have been born out of the influence of such bands as Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd believe it or not) give us 8 tracks of well-rounded underground sludge metal. It's most defiantly personal as the music comes out of raw passion. The duo attempt to navigate their way across a battle that is being waged between the forces of good and evil. It's bloody and violent and they manage to pull it off. They also do all of that in a 45 minute time slot that should appeal to fans of Mastodon. Which side wins this epic battle is open to interpretation. In the end it is the listener though who ultimately wins as you are rewarded with a shinny treasure in the form of loud, progressive sludge metal.

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