Sunday, September 15, 2013

Blind To Faith-Under The Heptagram 12" EP

A389 Recordings

"Lawless", "violent" and "pure". Those are the three distinct words that this Belgium-based band uses to describe themselves and/or their "art". Formed in 2008, and featuring members of Rise And Fall, Reproach and (reported) Dutch "cult legends" Insult (I say reported as I have no idea whether Dutch band Insult is actually a "cult legend" or not), it would be the 2009 full-length "The Seven Fat Years Are Over" that would serve as a sort-of  "How ya doing folks?" moment while it simultaneously raped and pillaged it's way into the hearts of metal maniacs and punks alike. That slab of vile "unadulterated metal punk" (their words not mine) would be followed in 2010 by a split with San Diego's Gehenna and, having slashed, bashed and thrashed many more heads along the way,  all of that brings us back to this three-song, 12" EP. Now, as the band's influences come across as quite deadly themselves (Discharge, Repulsion, Celtic Frost, Eyehategod, Gehenna, Darkthrone, Entombed, Today Is The Day, etc), this short little offering from Blind To Faith comes with a warning. Or at least it should. And no, I'm not talking about some stupid, utterly P.C. shit of a warning label from the ghostly leftovers of the P.M.R.C. Screw that. What I'm talking about is this folks-any band that name checks both Celtic Frost and GG Allin in their promo material is already WAY FAR LEFT of heavy metal's center! And that's just weird on paper right? Now imagine a band that embraces the challenge of combining the elements of punk hardcore, sludge, thrash, street metal and death metal into something new. A new drug for the damned perhaps? Or is it just more music that sets out with the goal to paint the town red by using the blood of the innocents? It's probably all of the above as well as a carefully-crafted play list all about the band's anticipation of the inevitable apocalypse. If you're not prepared ahead of time for the band's "art" then when you get to the title cut, which sort of sounds like Motörhead and Eyehategod getting into a knife fight with Discharge and The Exploited, it's quite likely that your head could explode like a gigantic pimple! Well, either that or you might be left saying "What happened?" after their brand of hellfire, punk-n'drunk, heavy metal kidnaps you and then dumps your bloody and naked body in some back alley.  All signs point towards one or the other happening. So be fair warned brothers and sisters. I close with that warning and a further observation. Blind To Faith embraces the roles they've been offered, which include being doomsday rockers and engineers of metal madness (as an art form no-less!), as is all too evident by the "Under The Heptagram" 12" EP. If you choose to ride along then by all means buckle up!

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