Monday, January 26, 2015

Free Metal Monday: Olathia-Olathia Demo


This is the second of two Free Metal Monday offerings that I have posted today. That in and of itself is a rarity I realize, but it get's even crazier my friends. For you see this is also the second free digital download offering of the day to feature a band from my home state of Ohio!! Honestly I cannot for the life of me remember the last time that something like that has happened here at HMTM. That's if it has ever happened. I do have to wonder. But anyway, the first one was of course Ohio's Intervoid. But, while Intervoid specializes in technical/industrial death metal (all the while doing it quite well thank you very much!) this particular band rocks walks a different path. For Olathia, who incidentally hail from the Hometown of Rock and Roll (Cleveland baby! Oh yeah!!) and feature in their ranks the very lovely and very talented Chris E. (ex-Cellbound, ex-From The Ashes) on lead vocals, it's all about the metal! As in straight-up heavy metal with at least one song ("Open your Eyes (RadioEdit)") offering the five-piece band rock radio potential. And they make their debut on the scene with this hard-driving/hard hitting (name-your-own-price) three-track EP ( Cleverly-titled "Olathia Demo"(!) and opening with the absolute slammer "Hellhound" this EP can also be picked up on CD for a measly three dollars which is an absolute steal if you ask me! In addition to the great voice of Chris E. the band Olathia ( is made up of top-tier musicians with ties to quite a few good Ohio bands. On guitars you have Jake Nicholson (ex-Black Valor, ex-Festinate) and Steve Albenze (Idleblack) while bassist Sully (Crown Royal) and drummer Jeff Morrow (Dose, Hemi Devils, Slave to Nothing) fill out the rhythm section. All four musicians bring skill and class to Olathia with both "Hellhound" and "Open Your Eyes" offering different and yet equaling satisfying sides to what is a very cool new band. As this is only the first studio release from this Cleveland band and it is this strong and good already one can't help but hope for much more material out of Olathia in the near future. For a band that seemingly appeared from out of nowhere Olathia provides further proof that Ohio is the place to be when it comes to new and exciting rock, hard rock and heavy metal bands and artists!

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