Friday, March 13, 2015

Secret of Boris-Your Ghost

Cabo Records, LLC

"Your Ghost" is the 12-track debut album from Secret of Boris. This Dallas, Texas-based band is lead by the rock-star/rock-steady voice of Cameron Taylor (a great singer who would also be comfortable fronting either a 90's alternative radio act or some post-metal/nu metal outfit!) and features three guys named Ryan in guitarist Ryan Byrd, bassist Ryan Ragus and drummer Ryan Arthur. Having previously shared the stage with bands like Black Light Burns, Hed(pe), F5, Underoath, Ugly Mustard, Fair To Midland, Anberlin, God Forbid, Boondox, and Hopesfalle this Texas act has a larger-than-life sound that is equal parts (modern) hard rock, radio rock, electronic rock and heavy rock/heavy metal. With catchy melodies, hook-happy guitar solos and what could only be described as an overly addictive sense of rhythm this is another new(ish) rock band poised for greatness! While they list their influences as Porcupine Tree, Mudvayne, A Perfect Circle, Nine Inch Nails and Rammstein you could also toss everyone from Stone Sour to P.O.D. into the mix (with the likes of Therapy?, Pantera and even Monster Magnet not far behind!) and you would be just as close to describing everything that there is to love about their BOLD sound! Secret of Boris is one rock radio hit away from the big time and given the poor state of the modern hard rock scene let us all hope that said hit song happens soon!

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