Thursday, April 07, 2016

Druknroll-In The Game

Metal Scrap Records

"In The Game" is the fourth full-length album from Russia's one and only Druknroll. It follows the 2015 EP, "Петля мироздания" ("The Loop Of World Creation") and this 44 minute release features 10 distinct tracks from group-founder Andrey "Druknroll" (guitar, bass, and keys) and company. Starting off strong thanks to forceful opener "The Wolf" (official video ), "In The Game" snakes it's way through a hazard-filled landscape where everything from heavy metal-flavored harsh thrash to melodic death metal just lays there waiting for the perfect chance to spring out and strike you dead! Having previously covered this Saratov-based band back in late April of 2014 (link) I feel somewhat comfortable in saying that style-wise not much has changed for this colorful lot. Of course by that I mean there really is no one true style for this modern metal that has been in existence since 2006. Like it's unique moniker, Druknroll does things however it sees fit and that isn't necessarily a track by track affair, but during the course of a single song! To be fair it doesn't always work as things can and sometimes do become chaotic. That's the danger of trying to put too many ideas into a single song. It's a small danger, but a danger nonetheless. But, what's life without a little danger now and then? It's boring. Thankfully that's not a problem with "In The Game". Above all else it's never boring! Chaotic? Perhaps. But boring? No way! At it's core an album like "In The Game" is geared towards those who like their modern metal to be interesting and maybe even a little bit genre-jumbled. In that essence it works and it makes me wonder what more this band is capable of now that they are more familiar with the English language?

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