Sunday, May 14, 2017

Waves of Decay-Cycloptic


Waves of Decay is a Belgian metal band that is made up of ex-members of Horny Moses, Hope Erodes, Inferior, Last Star Down, and Razor Fate. The five-piece is lead by Stijn 'Stekke' Kustermans and "Cycloptic" serves as the group's first studio release. It is a heavy & hard EP that clocks in at about 24 minutes in length and you can download the recording on CD Baby and iTunes. In addition to the industrial metal-tinged title track, Waves of Decay's creative debut includes "Destiny", "Craving for Misery", "As I Walk", and "The Hurricane". Backing up vocalist Stijn Kustermans is Arun Rao (guitars & keyboards), Jim Metal (guitars), Jelle Sterckx (bass), and Ben Gyles (drums). Besides having some industrial metal elements, "Cycloptic" features material with thrash metal, melodic death metal, and heavy metal leanings. Harsh and clean vocals are present and the EP is well-produced. Founded in January of this year, Waves of Decay has a sound that is bound to appeal to a lot of different folks. This is another new band that has the potential to make a huge splash in scene. You can find out more about these guys by checking out the group's Facebook page.

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