Sunday, December 30, 2007

Features for 2008

For 2008 I will continue to do "Lesser of two evils" although I am not sure if it will be every month. I will at least shoot for doing ten during the course of the year and a "Grand Stinker" event in December. I will aim to do either "Judge to album cover" or "Clash of the album covers" once a month. The one new feature I am going to try will be called "Vinyl Spotlight". I don't have a huge album collection, but I do have several hundred and most are metal/hard rock that were purchased between 84-92. I will just take a picture of the cover and or album itself and post it with a story about when and where I bought it plus what I might like about it. This won't be so much a review as it will be just to focus on what on the visual aspects that make albums cooler than other formats. So the albums I pick will be some more rare lp's, singles and picture discs. Once again in August I will begin sorting out my twenty albums of 1988 and post that list and other awards for that year in December of 2008. If you any other suggestions then please let me know. Hope ou will enjoy these features as well as the reviews and interviews that I hope to bringing to my blog.


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