Monday, March 03, 2008


Thought I would just chime in with some brief thoughts about some more of the older CDs I picked up last week.

Kix-Hot Wire
I like their debut and Midnight Dynamite well enough, but by this point they were in full-on AC/DC copy mode and the results were okay. However I think they had previously established enough of their own style that they didn't need to go in this direction.

I remember loving this in 1992 and thinking it was KISS getting back to basics, but really it was KISS avoiding falling the way of most of the hair bands. Listening to it now, it's good yet nothing earth shattering. KISS did avoid the fate of many of their peers at the time.

Never heard this back in the day largely because I didn't want to face the fact that veteren punk guitarist Brian Baker in a glam band. It's kind of Faster Pussycat meets AC/DC and the results are surprisingly better than I thought they would be. Still a little surprised that Geffen ran after these guys though because they are not that special.

Quiet Riot-The Randy Rhoades years
I used to have this cassette at one point. Not as cool as "Tribute" for Rhoades' fans, but still good for sure. Worth it for "Laughing Gas" alone because of the very cool solo.

Warrant-Dirty rotten filthy stinking rich
It was cheap so I decided to be fair and give it another chance. I felt fine until about a minute and a half into "Down Boys" it hit me that I had to go take a massive dump. Coincidence? I don't know. Maybe doctors should consider this such as "Mr Jones, just listen to two Warrant songs and I am sure that your constipation will be cleared up".


Blogger Rhodeislandrock said...

A decent old school haul.....

HOT WIRE was good but they weren't breaking any new ground at the time. One of the things I like about Kix now is that they stuck to the same formula all those years. They had some good songs but I like them more now than I did then due to nostalgia.

REVENGE was great! Then again, I usually think anything KISS does is great. Seriously, after the turd that was HOT IN THE SHADE, I thought this was a great Rock record, probably their best since Creatures. Rates in my Top 5 KISS albums.

Junkyard was much like Kix in that they worshipped AC/DC.....this was like AC/DC meets Southern Hard Rock, I like this record better than the follow-up.

I just bought THE RANDY RHOADS YEARS this weekend! It was the only QR disc I was missing and it was $6 used. I have Quiet Riot I & II so I like that version of the band pre-Metal Health.

Warrant just sucks but I have every album, including the covers disc! What does that say about me? The good news is that I bought them all used except for the new one with Jaime St. James,that was their best album of their career.

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