Monday, April 14, 2008

Interview with Bruce Kulick

Guitarist Bruce Kulick is most known for his time in KISS. He has also played in Union, Grand Funk Railroad and done solo albums. I recently got to check in with him to see what he is up to.

MM-I know you are working on your “BK3” album. Can you tell us about the album and how the recording process has been going?
BK-Most of the tracks, drums, bass and guitars and solos are DONE! There are some vocals done, some guests, and some loose ends that need to taken care of. The delay is that I work on so many things, sadly I can't do more than a few days a month sometimes. Last summer it was few a week, but I will keep working on it, and get major progress done in April and May.

MM-Who else is playing on the album? Do you have any idea when it will be released?
BK-Doug Fieger from The Knack sang a song for me. Met him at the Fantasy Camp. I have some other guests planned but too soon to mention. Eric Singer did do drums for a song as well. Brent Fitz from UNION did most of the drum tracks. Release date is sometime this year!

MM-In addition to your new album you have a number of dates with Grand Funk Railroad coming up in the summer plus some appearances at some KISS Expo stops coming up. What else would like to accomplish in 2008?
BK-I have been producing some talented young artists. YAYO I met at the Fantasy Camp and go visit his site.

that is his myspace music page. He is very talented. There are some other players that I am working on. I also have an exciting new release in May from my past. Details below.

MM-What are your memories about when you first joined KISS?
BK-I was excited, nervous and very happy how I fit in with the group. I was only to be in the band for a few weeks to cover for Mark St John and it turned into 12 years.

MM-Was being in KISS more like a business than being in a band or was it a combination of the two? Were you aware of what it would be like before you joined?
BK-I knew Paul and Gene were very business like and professional. So it was both of course.


MM-When the Unplugged show was getting ready to go on and you first heard that Ace and Peter were going to take part, did you get worried that this could be the start of a reunion that would mean the end of your time in KISS?
BK-Not convinced but it was making me feel a bit uncomfortable!

MM-What is your favorite KISS album that you played on and why?
BK-REVENGE! We were focused and brilliantly produced by Bob Ezrin.

MM-What were some of your most memorable moments of being is KISS?
BK-Touring on stage in Europe and South America and playing some HUGE events. I loved playing in NYC at Madison Square Garden. That freaked me out. MTV Unplugged was also a real highlight.

MM-With all the lights and huge stage sets in KISS, did you ever have a Spinal Tap moment where there was a prop or a mechanical malfunction on stage?
BK-Sometimes I wouldn't know what side of the stage to exit, and slam right into Gene! OUCH.

MM-What are the differences and the similarities between being in KISS and being in Grand Funk Railroad?
BK-I am quite featured with GFR. KISS has Gene and Paul commanding the stage. But I love both groups as they have great songs, and it all about the energy of feeding off the crowd.

MM-What did you enjoy most about being in Union?
BK-I loved starting a band out of nothing other than the desire and helping create an amazing band with great music.

MM-You just finished another Rock ‘n Roll fantasy camp earlier this year. Who all was involved in this one? What was the experience like?
BK-This last one had Nick Mason the drummer from Pink Floyd, and Brian Wilson, and Cliff Williams the bassist from AC/DC. It was wonderful jamming and meeting them.

MM-How would you describe a KISS Expo to someone who has never been to one?
BK-They are kind of like a Star Trek Convention. The fans celebrate the band, and feel connected. It is a great way to meet them all personally and fill them in on what is going on in my world.

MM-What kinds of music are you listening to these days?
BK-I like music from Ozzy to Joni Mitchell to Radiohead, and lately I bought on Amazon a few old Peter Gabriel discs! So it varies. Love a band from Sweden called Black Bonzo.

MM-You have had a long career, played on albums with big names bands, recorded solo albums and toured all over. So what have you not accomplished in your music career that you would still like to do?
BK-I still would like to write a hit single. Not an easy feat.

MM-Pick the band from each of the following pairs that you prefer and tell why you picked that band.
Rolling Stones or The WHO
The Who.. that band makes magic.. Stones are great but the WHO RULE!
Aerosmith or Ted Nugent
Aerosmith has so many cool songs and riffs.. sorry Ted.

Blue Oyster Cult or Deep Purple
Deep Purple has Blackmore and he is amazing on that Strat.

Jimi Hendrix or Led Zeppelin
YIKES! TIE. They both are SO important.. and SO earth shattering in what they created.

MM-Is there anything else that you would like to say about yourself or your music?
BK-KKB is coming out at the NY KISS expo!
KKB is a band from my youth. I found this music on a reel to reel tape about 2 years ago. I got serious about making it a CD when my friends freaked out when they heard it. Progressive Cream meets Yes kind of power trio.
8 Tracks and it will be available on my website as well in May. There will be some samples up to taste soon.

Visit my site, for all things KULICK.


***Thanks to Bruce for doing the interview.

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Blogger David Amulet said...

I'm looking forward to this KKB venture--that sounds like a fun direction for him to take.

3:52 AM  
Blogger The Mule said...

It's cool that he mentioned Black Bonzo. They're a killer band that went underappreciated last year.

7:45 PM  

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