Thursday, October 02, 2008

Glyder-Weather the storm

True Talent

Ireland’s Glyder have released a five track EP that sees them testing the waters and creating perhaps a bit more of their own personality in their music. They still have every a certain classic rock flavor, but there is a broader range on these tracks. Certainly they once again tap into those subtle nuances in their music that sometimes deceptively help really create such at atmosphere. Despite wearing their influences on their sleeves, there is little doubt about the confidence and the presence that Glyder bring in full force to their presentation. I am not sure that there a great deal of rhyme or reason behind these songs being collected together because a few of them are quite a bit varied in style. My guess is they are putting out this EP to give fans something until they get around to doing the next full length. Despite the lack of continuity, Glyder once again offer up strong vocals, solid hooks and catchy creations. All of that adds up to five more classic rock styled tracks that I know that I will be listening to repeatedly over the next few months.

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