Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bloody Mary-We rock, you suck



For some reason this disc was no clicking me on the first play. I got about three tracks when I amde that realization. However I knew that it might have more to do with the fact that I been listening to heavier releases right before it. So I sat it aside and came back to it. The second time around I took to it right away. From the cover and band name I was expecting a more hair metal style perhaps, but this is more traditional hard rock mixed with some classic rock leanings. Think London Quiredoys mixed with Aerosmith for starters. The riffs are simple, but they pile them on and keep them coming steady. This reminds me of an album that could come out around 1990 yet it avoids many of the traps that too many bands of that time fell into. Blood Mary prop up some huge melodies, but they never allow their songs to get swallowed in sap or become bogged down as they keep the grooves coming. They get into a few ballads, but again they never let it get too sugary. Instead they pull it off as smooth as can be and have you remembering it for some time after it ends. Overall this is blues rock that is very catchy and well played. The lyrics are at times cliche, but the band knows how to keep moving and the make up for that shortcoming. The production could have been slightly thicker in spots too. Still a fine release and I am glad that I gave it a second chance or else I would have been missing out. I almost forgot to add that I love the album title. It's bold, funny and while I don't think that I suck I do have to agree that Blood Mary live up to their part of the claim.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This has to be one of the finer album covers that I have seen in a very long time. Those instruments are beautiful!

This is just another album that peaks my interest now... I guess I'll throw it onto the "track it down" heap!

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