Thursday, January 28, 2010

Magic eraser


I believe I did this topic years ago, but I don't recall my answer. Anyways the scenario is you have a magic eraser and you can erase one hard rock or metal album by any one band. Now it won't effect the future it just eliminates that one album and the rest of history plays out like normal.
I would without a doubt pick Cold Lake by Celtic Frost. It would eliminate the one black mark on and an otherwise good career.

***What would you pick?

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OpenID themetalfiles said...

It's a tie for me between this one and Monotheist. I really just could not get into it at all. Cold lake is more memorable, I guess for good and bad reasons.

I met Tom in 2006 and when he signed my Cold Lake CD, he wrote "ABOMINATION" in big letters. I told him that I didn't think it was that bad of an album. He quickly replied with, "You're the only one who thought that." haha

7:04 AM  
OpenID metalodyssey said...

I have two albums that just need to be erased from Metal history:

1. Judas Priest - Turbo

2. Lita Ford - Wicked Wonderland

Both of these albums represent a total and undisputed Metal detour, from the respective band/musician's known talents. Yes, I feel these are my top two, without Metal hesitation.

I revere Judas Priest, (a core Metal band for me) and I expected so much more from Lita Ford with her recent album.

In Metal -


12:35 PM  

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