Thursday, March 04, 2010

What's coming up?

Well, this winter has been kind of rough with more snow than I have ever seen, my mom has had some health problems and the kids have been sick. Despite all that 2010 has just gotten a lot more promising with the annoucement that Iron Maiden will be putting out a new studio album towards the end of summer. Never mind the fact that it's called "The Final Frontier" which unfortunately brings to mind images of Keel mand they are not a band I want to picture or hear. It also brings to mind Star Trek V: The Final Frontier which was far and away the worst of the Star Trek movies. Still after the last two Maiden albums being so spectacular I have to believe the upcoming album will follow along the same track. It was already promising to be a decent year with releases of High on fire, Scorpions, Armored Saint and others, but Maiden's announcement eclipses any other releases for sure.


For this week I hope to have out reviews of the latest from Gamma Ray, Uriah Heep, Hansel and maybe one other. Also I am sure that Clash of the album covers will pop up too. I may write some more on genres if time allows. If the kids feel up to it maybe I will start doing the first of a possible monthly segment where I have my kids (the Metalgirl and the Metalboy) give their thoughts on a classic metal album.

***Have a great week and remember only like 4-5 months until the new Maiden album comes out. Whoo-hoo!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Texas! Too bad dream theater is on the bill. no matter, i'll be standing in line for shirts for the opening band again like on the last tour.

6:03 AM  

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