Monday, March 01, 2010

Dirt Mall-Pacifuego


It's been a little over two years since Dirt Mall's "Got the goat by the horns". This time around Dirt Mall have traded in some of the stoner fuzz for a bit more of late 70's hard rock groove. It sounds like they were raised on the likes of AC/DC, Black Sabbath and KISS, but then toss in some early 80's style punk rock fury and top it all off with a raw garage rock feel. This wasn't exactly the direction I thought they might head in after the previous album. In some ways they have latched to a sound that is just as basic. However they handle it with ease and they rip and tear with far more confidence this time around. This is certainly one of those albums that I can take to right away largely because the influences are so familiar to me. While I latched onto what is here I can't help but wish they would take a few more chances and even mix up the style a little more. All in all a decent outing from a band who has definitely tightened up over the last two years.

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Blogger bob_vinyl said...

I thought they really drew on a greater breadth of influences on this album, yet they continued to keep things grounded in straightforward hard rock. I too heard Kiss, but I also heard bits of Queen's hard rock side (one track had a real "Tie Your Mother Down" feel to it) and they still tap stuff like the Replacements. Pacifuego is a big step forward in both writing and performance. Dirt Mall is a band I'd really like to see live.

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