Saturday, February 27, 2010

Black Robot

Rocket Science

The fact that Black Robot includes three former Buckcherry member sin it's ranks might lead one to expect the sound here to be similar to Buckcherry. There are a few AC/DC inspired tracks, but not as much of a Buckcherry sound as I might have expected. The overall feel to this album is a cross between 70's blues rock like AC/DC, Zeppelin and Aerosmith and more modern hard rock polish on top. The results didn't click with me at first in fact I am still completely in love with nor do I expect to be, but it is growing a little on me. It's an energetic presentation of familar ideas. What I like about it is the energy and the slightly retro flavor that is weaved throughout. The problem I had was they often times rush through a few parts where they could have gotten more out of it by taking their time and buiding up the grooves. I felt like they glossed over some parts more than they needed to. A part of that is the production, but I think that the sound would have beniffited greatly if they tightened up around the edges. That might just come on the next release. It's a decent release that is likely to appeal to a wide audience.

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