Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Hammer Witch-Legacy of Pain 2010 Reissue

Hammer Witch 2010
Originally released in 1991 on cassette (google it kids if your too young to know what those are) Legacy of Pain was Texas based Hammer Witch's third release following a 1986 demo and a 1987 EP. Remastered and available for the first time ever on CD and as digital download Legacy of Pain is old school thrash in the vein of Exhorder. Having heard the original demo awhile back I can tell you that the reissue packs more of a wallop. While the demo wasn't horrible the remastered version sounds crunchy and more in your face. Sadly I missed Hammer Witch the first time around. While I did a lot of tape trading in high school I missed out on this Texas treasure. This is intense speed/thrash and will not disappoint fans of Exhorder, Kreator, Exodus or Onslaught. Now seeing as I have the download version I don't know if the CD version comes with a booklet or not. Honestly not every review I personally write comes from a promo. Some albums (like this one) I buy with my own money out of love for thrash metal. I love supporting underground metal bands so it's not a complaint. I wish I could have gotten the CD version of this but I'm just like the majority of Americans right now and make do with what I have. CD Baby has the CD for just under $16.00 which isn't a bad price for a chance to own this underground classic. While the band are sadly no more don't let that stop you from adding this bone crunching, mosh metal killer to your collection.


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