Monday, March 07, 2011

The New Black-II Better In Black

AFM Records 2011

When you think Germany and heavy metal do you think of bands that sound like the Scorpions? How about Accept? Most likely right? Well how about a German band that sounds more like Black Label Society? Yeah, I found it a bit odd too at first. But that said The New Black know what they are and who they want to sound like and they play it for all it's worth. No, not every song on this disc sounds just like Zakk Wylde and company. "When It All Ends" is modern metal and radio friendly. And yes it is true that "Happy Zombies" is part Kid Rock and part Nickelback. "Better In Black", "The King And I" and "Batteries And Rust" start this album of though with high octane, whiskey drinking Texas style hard rock. It's hard not to think you might have been mistaken about where these guys hail from when "Altar Boys" comes on. It's Southern rock complete with slide guitar and harmonica. "My Favorite Disease" is a hard rock number you could easily see as a NASCAR or ESPN promo song. "Fading Me Out" has to be rebel flag waving crunch and not something from the country that embraced David Hasselholf. This German quintet has already played out with acts like AC/DC, Alter Bridge, Volbeat and yes Black Label Society. They have also gained lots of positive press from magazines like Metal Hammer, Kerrang and Rock Hard. I can see why as this is pretty much hard rock gold custom built for fans of Black Label Society, Hellyeah, Texas Hippie Coalition and to a lesser extent Alabama Thunderpussy. Don't let that stop you though from taking this bad boy out for a drive. From the opening of "Better In Black" to the album closer "Sun Cries Moon" this is some southern fried metal and it's just as tasty and greasy as Texas style hard rock regardless of where the band hail from.


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