Saturday, March 05, 2011

Heavy Ripples vol.1

Ripple Music

This brand spanking new album from Ripple music is a split 7" and includes five songs from four bands. As we approach the end of winter this is the perfect thing to melt those frosty edges off of you and warm you up a bit. Stone Axe take a track from Tony Reed's previous act Mos Generator's act in "Night Wolf" and add the Stone Axe sound to it. If AC/DC and ZZtop ran into each other head on around 1975 then it might sound something like this song. Lots of pure grit and grooves to spare on this one. Next is Sun Gods in Exile who offer up a huge helping of twangy fuzz with "Over my broken bones". This track has a massive, but smooth flow to it and get seven better as it goes along.The first of two offerings from Grifter is "Small man" which is punchy to the point kind of song that is helped by a great rhythm section. My only complaint is that this song ended in during a solo and it left the track with a cut off feeling which never sits well with me. Grifter's second track is "Hey Ron” is an ode to porn star Ron Jeremy. This song actually feels like two songs. The first half is basic and actually rather average, but around the two minute mark the pace and feel pick up. Then less than a minute later it's back to the chorus from the first half. Then the last minute and half is more impressive jams. The explosions in the second half helped, but it's overall an uneven song with a few high points. Ending the album on a huge plus comes the always reliable Mighty High with “Hempophobic”. This track starts off with a riff that is sure to cause neck pain from the head bobbing you will be doing to it. This one sounds like Buffalo mixed with Cactus and topped off by Mighty High's knack for managing the pace. A fine disc for sure that will have you wanting more and that little 1 after the volume tells us there will be more at some point. So bring it on Ripple Music because we are ready for it.

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