Tuesday, July 12, 2011



At a loss

Australia's Whitehorse don't just embrace the doom/stoner style, No, they actually grab it tight and squeeze every so slowly with all their force and might to get every last drop they can out of the sound. They use some effects and use them so effectively that you feel spine tingle both from the tones and from the sense of dread that they convey. They take their time in carving out mountain sized sounds and then slowly push them out for all to soak in. The drums sound like each beat is ripping through you and that's probably the effect that they hopes for. The vocals range from sounding like a madman drowning to being more like a rabid dog. The vocals were not as easy for me to get into as the music was, but eventually I took to them. This is very deep, heavy sludge that begs for you to be patience and realize all that is transpiring. Not just a good album, but an impressive experience as well.

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